We would ask all those people who have dogs in their care to be extra careful at the present. There seems to be an increase in the number of dogs missing. There have been many stories of dogs being stolen. Please do not leave a dog unattended in the front garden for long periods, especially bordering on a busy road. It is advised to keep a dog/ dogs in the back garden and once again to check regularly on them. If your dog has gone missing, then it is advisable to ring the local Gardai station, vets, or any local shelters, rescue centres nearby.


We often need kind people with a bit of spare time to temporarily look after a dog or cat until a permanent home can be found. Dogs and cats that arrive in rescue may have been ill-treated, neglected or just not wanted anymore. They need lots of patience and a home environment is the best place to help them feel secure and learn how to trust again. Fostering a dog or cat is a practical way to help us out.

All we ask is that you have a reasonable secure garden and you can be at home for most of the day, usually preferable for dogs to be placed in a family where children are over 12 years. We cover expenses if you can provide a bed, some exercise and love and kindness.

If you'd like to know more, you can speak to John or Irene or call 087 646 4389 -Thanks!!

A pet is a 15+years commitment, not only a pleasant companion for the present times. Before adopting please consider if you will be able to give your dog and cat the same attentions when life will revert to normality. If you think you will be too busy in the future for this commitment, please consider fostering. Thanks!


Last Sunday the organisers of Bingo on the Beach donated a cheque for €550 to RCDR. The photo shows Dermot Laffey handing over the cheque to RCDR. Such donations have been of the greatest importance to us at this strange time we are living. We would therefore like to say a very big Thank You to all the people at Bingo on the Beach !!


If anyone has any traps at their houses belonging to RCDR could they return them ASAP - we have several premises to attend and need them now . Please ring Irene 087 646 4389 if you need help returning cages.Thanks!

Keep your pets safe!!


Lost & Found
Renvyle - Co. Galway
+353 (0)87 646 4389