JoJo's journey to Connemara

Hi, my name is JoJo, but I was known as Peaches when they first rescued me. I was saved in Harbin (China) from a ‘shelter’: the conditions were terrible, overcrowded in a narrow space, no food and nearly no water. They told me it was a puppy farm and even if I'm only 2 years old, it looks like I already had pups. I was suffering in silence, doomed to certain death when I would have no longer been able to pump out litters.
The rescue in Harbin is managed by a kind lady, Eva; there I learnt that life can be rather good: food, care, a proper bed and cuddles too. Of course I had to share all this with other poor souls like me, but in my little, sweet heart I could feel I deserved a bit more: a forever loving home, a warm place where to rest and dream, plenty of good food and treats and maybe a couple of doggy friends to play with.
My dream was so powerful that I managed to convey it in my charming eyes: my mum spotted my photo on Facebook page in S...


We often need kind people with a bit of spare time to temporarily look after a dog or cat until a permanent home can be found. Dogs and cats that arrive in rescue may have been ill-treated, neglected or just not wanted anymore. They need lots of patience and a home environment is the best place to help them feel secure and learn how to trust again. Fostering a dog or cat is a practical way to help us out.

All we ask is that you have a reasonable secure garden and you can be at home for most of the day, usually preferable for dogs to be placed in a family where children are over 12 years. We cover expenses if you can provide a bed, some exercise and love and kindness.

If you'd like to know more, you can speak to John or Irene or call 087 646 4389 -Thanks!!

Please make sure all pets are kept in the warmth and have water. Do not leave them out in the cold, if they are in the shed, make sure they have blankets (or even better straw), food and water. Keep them safe!


Nollaig and Rudi’s Travels on Mainland Europe

This is part of a Blog that Nollaig sent to Renvyle Cat and Dog Rescue telling of his travels with his dog Rudi in Mainland Europe. We enclose it here as it is very informative about how to plan for such a trip with your dog, travelling by boat and train.

  • It is important to stress that a Microchip is essential and checked at ferry terminals.
  • Passport and Vaccinations required.
  • Rabies shot more than twenty one days prior to travel. Wormed 2 to 5 days before travel and also returning by a vet.
  • All this is recorded in the Pet Passport.

Hope all the following is helpful and a big thank you to Nollaig and of course Rudi!

We always depart Ireland from Rosslare to Cherbourg. Stena Line allows foot passengers with dogs and has onboard kennels, some of which are free and others which cost around €30 each way. The kennels are located on the restaurant deck and you can visit your dog regularly and walk the deck with him/her for exerci...


We are experiencing very unusual hot temperatures at present. We would ask dog owners to be vigilant at this time. Large dog breeds are perhaps more beneficially exercised early in the morning or later in the evening. Smaller breeds too can suffer. A great percentage of dogs though like nothing better than cooling off in the water. It is perhaps better not to leave your dog in a car for any length of time. Whatever the situation, please remember to leave plenty of ventilation, available fresh water and if possible, the vehicle parked in the shade. In home situations, all dogs need plentiful supplies of fresh water and the availability of shade. Don’t forget to share the suncream with those dogs whose pink noses need protection!!!



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