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We are a non- profit charity (RCN: 20203936) located in Renvyle, Co.Galway. Our primary concern is the welfare of cats and dogs in our locality.

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Could you spare a couple of hours each month to help our cats and dogs? Discover how you can help!

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You can support us by making a donation in our Facebook page but there are many other ways to help us!

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How Conan Feels Right Now...

I visited Conan yesterday and this is his reaction. He turned away…rejected me, disgusted with the way he has been treated. He is a victim of a world that appears to have lost its way in its relationship with animals. He has done absolutely nothing wrong, yet what was supposed to be a two month stay has stretched to the never, never…. Unless, just possibly there is someone willing to give a home to this gentle giant… Please, please if you think you might like to help please call 087 961 6586. Thank you!

Conan is sad


Recent News

June 2nd, 2023 Hot Weather Advice!

We are experiencing very hot weather at present, so please take precautionary measures

• In all situations have water available. Not ice cold and make certain it is always topped up
• Only walk your dog in the cool of the morning or evening
• For example…Some breeds like Huskies come from environments where they're used to minus 20 degrees….
• If at all possible don’t leave your dog in a car, better for this time to be in the cool of the house
• If you do have to leave your dog in the car, then only short periods, plenty of fresh air, if possible park on the shady side of the street. If necessary acquire shades for
the windows.
• If your dog suffers badly from the heat, it is possible to buy equipment called Cool Coats which you soak first in ice-cold water. Can be effective
Another useful piece of equipment is a fan. One of these can be very beneficial to the older dog.
• If your dog sleeps in a kennel, it might be worth considering moving it into a shadier position.

June 2nd, 2023
April 3rd, 2023 Newsletter Spring

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John and Irene will be happy to assist you with your enquiries! Select John for info about DOGS and Irene for info about CATS.
Phone: +353 (0)87 961 6586
Phone: +353 (0)87 961 6586

John Douglas

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Email John

Phone: +353 (0)87 646 4389
Phone: +353 (0)87 646 4389

Irene Julier

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