JoJo's journey to Connemara

Hi, my name is JoJo, but I was known as Peaches when they first rescued me. I was saved in Harbin (China) from a ‘shelter’: the conditions were terrible, overcrowded in a narrow space, no food and nearly no water. They told me it was a puppy farm and even if I'm only 2 years old, it looks like I already had pups. I was suffering in silence, doomed to certain death when I would have no longer been able to pump out litters.
The rescue in Harbin is managed by a kind lady, Eva; there I learnt that life can be rather good: food, care, a proper bed and cuddles too. Of course I had to share all this with other poor souls like me, but in my little, sweet heart I could feel I deserved a bit more: a forever loving home, a warm place where to rest and dream, plenty of good food and treats and maybe a couple of doggy friends to play with.
My dream was so powerful that I managed to convey it in my charming eyes: my mum spotted my photo on Facebook page in September and she couldn't resist my silent message of hope and started the adoption process. At the end of November, I was able to leave China and travelled by plane to England. I spent a week there in a foster home, waiting for all my papers to be ready, checked and accepted. Then I faced a rough crossing from Wales to Dublin, tired and a bit nervous, feeling closer to my dream coming true.
On the First December finally, I arrived at the port: more than 2 months had passed since my kind adopters started the adoption process. They never thought they would see the day, but what an amazing Christmas we are going to have together!
I've asked my Mum to write down my story on my behalf. From now on, I will know only love and kindness. Now I know what happiness is! I've all I dreamt of when I was in China, where the world was only a dark place where to survive minute by minute...
Having saved me will not change the world, but to me, the world will change forever. Happy Christmas, Nollaig Shona everyone who read these lines and if you want to make a difference for thousands of dogs like me please visit this page and see how you can help change the world one dog at a time.
With all my love and blessings,


When I was Peaches On the ferry Loving home, finally! A place to rest Close-up On the beach It's windy today!

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