Sadly there will be no Easter Sale this year on Sunday April 12th. In line with the requirements on everybody for dealing with the Covid 19 Virus, and with the current ruling, there was no possibility of us proceeding. We hope to have our next one at the June Bank Holiday. Obviously that depends on the situation at the time and what restrictions are still in force. We will keep all our supporters informed. Those of you who have dogs might like to know that if they go online and enter indoor games for dogs, they will not be disappointed. One note of warning. Remember when this virus has been controlled, people will presumably be returning to work. Your pet will have been used to your attention 24/7. It is probably a good idea to make sure your pet has some time to be quiet and on his or her own

This photo shows the dreadful result on a sheep attacked by dogs near Kinvara. Dog owners please remeber It is your responsibility to keep your pets under control. Make sure your dog is not free to roam at night or when you are not at home. This is what can happen, sheep are very vulnerable at this time of year around lambing time. Also, take into account the reactions of some sheepbreeders to dogs' attacks to their flocks...your dog too may be in danger of serious injuries! Please share!