This ginger & white cat is missing from his home now for almost a month. He is a young male with an old injury to his right leg, he lives on the Galway road outside Clifden and is much loved family pet. Any information please ring 086 088 4769 or
087 646 4389. Thanks!

I lost my cat four weeks ago and I am still looking for him. His name is Luka, he is 14 months male cat. He has two spots on his nose and one black spot on his chin. If you have any information about it please contact me at

Lovely friendly adult and white cat found in Moyard. He is a neutered male who was living rough. He is such a pet so probably he was someone's friend. We need to find his owner! If you have lost a cat or know someone who has, please ring Babs on 086 354 2451. Thank you!

Bombel has been missing since the 4th March, He is Grey tabby nearly 2 years old and has a regular red collar with phone number inside. Bombel is from Canon's Lane, Clifden, Galway. So please check your garages and sheds and anywhere a cat could get shut in or stuck. Thanks!!