Lost & Found


Jakey crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning. He has been in our care for three and a half years but finally his ageing body had enough and very sadly we had to help him out of his discomfort . We had always hoped to find a permanent home for him but he had long standing issues which required a very special type of person and sadly nobody was forthcoming. He was lucky indeed to find a situation amongst other dogs where he could live. He had his own kennel, was never on a lead or corralled in any way and could wander around to suit his mood. We think he must have been 16 years old but as in so many cases like his, it is hard to be specific. He had a way about him that made him stand out from other dogs. He seemed to command respect and he made sure other dogs knew that he liked his own space. RCDR would like to thank those who were prepared to let him have sanctuary for such a long period of time and especially for the care they gave him in the last year of his life… Special people indeed….


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Lost & Found
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