UNR GPT 20005c

This gorgeous threesome are now looking for kind homes. They've been with a fantastic fosterer - so are well socialised. SIMBA - the black and white boy is the biggest kitten. He's adventurous and very playful. THEA - the brown tabby girl is sweet and shy - enjoys cuddles - a real lap cat. MARY - the bravest, is vocal and loves attention. She would love to live with another cat as she loves company. They're all fine with friendly dogs and cats. Nearly 10 weeks old now. Litter trained and ready to move on. if you'd like to give them a ew loving home please ring Irene at 08 7646 4389. Thank you!

Three siblings Thea

Lost & Found
Renvyle - Co. Galway
+353 (0)87 646 4389