Very sadly we had to put Rekku to sleep today. He was one of our first dogs we placed in sanctuary. He came from a very sad situation and despite all our best efforts we were not able to find anybody willing to give him a home. Sign of the times perhaps.
So we were very lucky indeed to find Theresa, Michael and Noelle who were kind enough to give him for the last two years the love and security that he needed, especially as he was nearly twelve years of age. He was a gentle, slightly aloof character, who would have made somebody a loyal companion, but that was not to be.
We are indebted to the three people mentioned above for the commitment they showed at a time when Rekku was at risk, and have continued to be great supporters to RCDR.

This is Jakey. He is ten years old and needs somewhere peaceful and quiet to while away his elderly years. There must be some dog lover who has a garden where Jake can exercise, lie in the sun, sleep and not bother anyone. There is no worry here over possible medical bills and such situations. We at RCDR will manage any health issues. All we are asking for is someone to let this old fellow have a few years of a quiet life. If you feel you can help us or even wish to donate to help with his upkeep, please ring 087 961 6586. Thank you!