They tell me I'm very unusual - I'm quite a long-haired tortoiseshell girl with a pure black face which sets my long whiskers and green eyes off a treat. I think I look great as I stroll around but, as I'm living with a crowd of kittens, potential new owners look past me.
I arrived in a lobster pot with my 5 kittens - was bit upset by that - so I'm still a bit wary. Some of my kittens have been adopted or fostered. Now I wouldn't be rushing to sit on your lap yet! But I could probably get to trust again with time and patience. I'd be happy to spend most of my time outside exploring with a dry bed and regular food. I'm spayed, healthy and litter trained - ready to go if you have a home for me. If you can get me a home please ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!