Sadly there will be no Easter Sale this year on Sunday April 12th. In line with the requirements on everybody for dealing with the Covid 19 Virus, and with the current ruling, there was no possibility of us proceeding. We hope to have our next one at the June Bank Holiday. Obviously that depends on the situation at the time and what restrictions are still in force. We will keep all our supporters informed. Those of you who have dogs might like to know that if they go online and enter indoor games for dogs, they will not be disappointed. One note of warning. Remember when this virus has been controlled, people will presumably be returning to work. Your pet will have been used to your attention 24/7. It is probably a good idea to make sure your pet has some time to be quiet and on his or her own

RCDR need a kind secure home for this beautiful cat. Shy was in our cattery,was born in the wild and was always shy - hence her name!- but she nevertelessfound her forever home until recently, when tragedy struck and her beloved owner/ human died. She has become so shy again with all that has happened... We need a secure home with a garage/ shed, so if you can give Shy a new home, please ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!

Kiki is a very playful kitten that needs her forever home She is about 4 months old - very pretty tortoiseshell and white. If you can give her a forever home, please ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!

Hi, I am looking to re-home 3 adult cats. The owner passed away this week and there is no one to look after them much longer. They are all female and house trained. A quiet house without dogs would be most suitable. if you can give any of these cats or all of them please ring 087 698 0526 or 087 646 4389. Thank you!

Suki is a sweet little girl and is ready to go to her forever home, if she could be lucky for once in her short life! She was found in South Connemara along with her brothers Stan & Ollie, they were abut 4 months old before they came to RCADR, Suki was in a foster home until recently, which helped her confidence, she is spayed, wormed and litter trained and very good looking. If you can give Suki a forever home, please 087 646 4389. Thanks!

This is Dimma ,a shy black female recently spayed. Born in a multi-cat household she has become so friendly with her carer and it should not take her long at all to adjust to a home .She learned to use her litter tray very quickly! If you can give Dimma a loving home, please 087 646 4389. Thanks!

We found a kitten in July on the Clifden-Galway road, had him vet checked at the time he was between 4 and 6 weeks old, kept him since then and had him neutered, he is an indoor cat and likes his comfort, but he's picking on honey my 3 legged cat I got from RCADR 5 years ago so if ye could try find a good home for him I would be very grateful he gets on well with dog's he loves playing with them he's about 7and a half months now. I called him Felix cause he's a little minx,
So if you can give Felix a home , please ring 087 055 4066 or 087 646 4389. Thanks!

This fluffy black + white female kitten came from a multi-cat farm but she was well handled and is a sweet friendly kittens - she was wormed and is already using her little tray. She needs a kind home but her longhair would need regular brushing!  If you can give this fluffy cat a forever home please ring 087 646 4389. Thank you!

This is little Sparrow - a sweet gentle young cat - she is so nervous!! But loves to be picked up and cuddled. RCADR needs a foster home for her - someone who can give her time and attention to bring her out of her shell!.
She is very clean and healthy! if you can foster Sparrow, please 087 646 4289. Thanks!

Stan is a 6 month old friendly kitten. He and his two siblings arrived into RCDR. The three young cats were living outside a house in Carna, but the man who found them as kittens - were unable to get homes for them. Stan was neutered recently - he was wormed and he is litter trained. He us such a sweet boy and needs a kind home so if you can give Stan a forever home. please ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!