These two beautiful male Persian cats are sadly looking for a new home together. They have been much loved pets but their owner is moving and cannot take them. They should go off together to someone looking for indoor pets and to be aware they will need regular grooming. They have lovely temperaments. Both neutered. So if you can give both these beautiful cats a home, please  ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!

This is Minnie - she was re-homed by RCDR nearly 3 years ago and by all accounts she has been a great girl. An independent cat, she's mostly outside, with shelter, and comes inside at night or during bad weather. She loves some fuss - not keen on being picked up and doesn't seem to mind a visiting dog. Minnie is much-loved and her owners will find it hard to let her go - but recently she's become intolerant of the young children in the family. She's not happy sharing 'her' garden with them at all. Minnie is healthy, spayed and litter-trained. So if you can give Minnie a home, please 087 646 4389. Thanks!

These four kittens were born from Coco and they were all fostered by kind families. Now they are looking for furever loving homes.
Archie: male, white and ginger - Bambi: female, tortoiseshell - Socks: female, tortoiseshelland white - Jet: male, black
If you think you can adopt them pleae call 087 646 4389. Thanks!

This little lad Gus had a lucky escape when he traveled in a car engine for miles. He was very nervous for the first few weeks, but is so much better and is ready to go to his forever home. Gus is about four months and was wormed and is so clean using his tray, so if you can give him a home, please 087 646 4389. Thanks!

This is Sebastian. He was found down on his luck ,living rough in Clifden. He was fed by a local couple who were very concerned about him and contacted RCDR. We did put an appeal out for his ' owners' but heard nothing. He was neutered and ear tipped so he was in a home. He is friendly - but doesn't like to be picked up - he likes to do his own thing really!! He is very clean and uses his tray .We would love to see him in a kind understanding home - he is sharing with young kittens and is very tolerant with them all! So if you can give Sebastian a forever home, please ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!

Archie & Bambi are two rescued kittens and are coming out from there kind foster home and need a forever home. Archie is very friendly, but Bambi is shy and needs an understanding home. If you can give one or both a loving home, please ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!

Cody & Socks are two kittens are almost ready to go to their forever homes. They were found in a shed in Clifden and has very little human contact I collected them. Their mother is Coco who is up on our site also awaiting her new home. Coco had five kittens - another two are very similar to this pair - there is a little black boy in the family also these two - ginger boy and stunning tortoiseshell + white are litter trained and wormed. They are coming around so well in the kind foster home.
RCDR want to thank all our foster homes The two siblings are in another kind and loving home in Clifden. Its great getting the support because these poor kittens has a very rough start in life and being in foster homes - really gives them every chance to trust people, So if you can give these two a forever home, please ring 087 646 4389. Thank you!

This pretty young girl was picked up in April living outside an empty house (being fed). So young herself and already pregnant. She was semi-feral and extremely shy but after few days with fosterers she started to enjoy a stroke. She gave birth (with some help) and when her own litter was a couple of weeks old she readily took on two tiny orphans. Debbie's brood are all weaned now and she was recently spayed. Although she's not keen on being picked up she now craves a human touch - with non-stop purring. She's a very quiet gentle cat and ready to journey on if there's a kind loving indoor/outdoor home waiting out there for her - she's really earned this. If you can give Debbie a home please ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!

I am Rusty, a shy male cat, I am neutered, healthy and need a kind home outdoors with secure housing. As you see can see from my picture I am very good looking. If you can give me a home please ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!

My name is Ivan and i am very friendly guy. I am young neutered male and have been wormed also blood tested. If you can give this lovely tabby a home please ring 087 646 4389. Thanks!